به نام خدا





Board dimensions

40cm X 40cm

No. and size of holes

16 holes, 20 mm diameter

Time display

99 min, 1sec step

Count display

4 digits

Power Requirements

220V, 50/60Hz




The evaluation of certain components of behavior of mice such as curiosity or exploration is investigated using an open field with holes on the bottom into which the animals could poke their noses. The hole-board has a size of 40cm × 40cm. Sixteen holes with a diameter of 2 cm each are distributed evenly on the floor. The board is elevated so that the mouse poking its nose into the hole does not see the bottom. Nose-poking is thought to indicate curiosity and is counted by electronic devices. Moreover, in the newer modifications motility is measured in addition by counting interruption of infrared light beams. The test duration is 5 minutes. The number of counts for nose-poking of treated animals is counted using a built-in microprocessor inside the apparatus.


Poking the nose into a hole is a typical behavior of mice indicating a certain degree of curiosity. Evaluation of this component of behavior has been proven to be quite useful. Benzodiazepines tend to suppress nose pocking at relatively low doses.



Naderi N, Haghparast A, Saber-Tehrani A, Rezaii N, Alizadeh AM, Khani A, Motamedi F. Interaction between cannabinoid compounds and diazepam on anxiety-like behaviour of mice. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2008;89(1):64-75.